The Government deadline for CE Marking of products placed on the market within the UK is getting closer. As it stands currently, the use of CE Marking will be replaced on the 1st January 2023 by the UKCA Marking for England, Scotland and Wales and the UK(NI) Mark + CE Marking for Northern Ireland.

This for most company’s should be a straightforward transition, your Approved Body will have already or will by the end of the year issue a new UKCA certificate and you the fabricator / process will change your documentation removing the CE Mark and replacing it with the UKCA / UK(NI) Mark.

A couple of points to consider when changing your documentation:

1. Former UK notified bodies operating under the UK CPR regime became UK ‘approved bodies’ on 1 January 2021.A link to the database can be found at UKMCAB database

2. The reference to harmonised standards will change to designated standards.

3. As noted above reference to Notified Bodies (NB) will need to be changed to Approved Bodies (AB)

Rules for using the UKCA Mark can be found at

Is your Approved Body ready?

Well before the end of the year, make sure your certifying body have issued you a certificate compliant with UKCA Marking. This is important if your certifying body have UK and European bases, a UKCA certificate can only be issued by a body based in the UK.

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