1090 Register

1090 Register

About Us

The National Register has been established to forum and identify companies that have made the commitment to be legally compliant to BS EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011

The national 1090 register is the only national register unaffiliated to any trade association or Notified Body available to manufactures within the United Kingdom.

The National Register allows certified companies to promote their compliance with the standard and be recognised as a legally compliant manufacture or distributor.

The National Register is FREE to search by Main Contractors, Builders and Designers allowing potential new clients to identify certified manufactures by numerous search options including Company Information, Location, Type of Manufacture or Execution Class.

The National Register ONLY accepts registration of manufactures on verification of certification by a UKAS accredited Notified Body.

What Is The Risk Of Using Non-Compliant Suppliers?

To help our members encourage their clients to use only compliant suppliers we have produced a booklet which helps explain some of the risks associated with using non-compliant suppliers.

To download a copy of this booklet please click on the document link below.

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