BS EN 1090, BS EN 1090-4 & BS EN 1090-5

Each year NHBC issue their standards document detailing the build requirements for new build homes registered with NHBC.

In regard to BS EN 1090, what’s interesting this year is that BS EN 1090, 1090-4 and 1090-5 are referenced within this document:

Chapter 6.10 – Welded connections to BS EN 1011 and BS EN 1090

Chapter 7.1.1 – Compliance BS EN 1090-4

Chapter 7.1.8 – Profiled self-supporting metal decks – Structural performance to conform to BS EN 1090-4 and BS EN 1090-5.

Previously within the NHBC standards document the requirement to comply with BS EN 1090 has not specifically been identified, but instead covered by the requirement to comply with Building Regulations and statutory requirements.

Direct reference to BS EN 1090 within this document is a significant move forward for the industry as there are still countless companies still operating without certification, to a large extent, due to the fact the contractor or builder are not identifying the compliance as a supplier requirement.

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