BS EN 1090-3:2019

We don’t look at 1090-3 as often as 1090-2, as the 2019 revision came out, we thought we would have a look over it and here are a few interesting points:

·        Process’s such as folding, forming, bending, holing, cutting etc the standard applies to material thickness’s not less than 0.6mm.

·        Material thickness applies to welded components not less than 1.5mm.

·        Scope – EN 1090-3 – Applies to temporary aluminium structures.

·        Unlike the revision of 1090-2 clause 4.1.2 has not been removed and states “If no execution class is specified Execution Class 2 shall apply”.

·        EN ISO 15613 or 15614-2 qualification procedure – the following conditions apply:

Butt weld test shall not qualify fillet welds

Fillet weld qualifications – test procedure shall include requirements set out in Annex C EN 1090-3:2019.

·        If no welding process is specified MIG welding shall be used.

If anybody has a comment on the scope reference to temporary structures we would be interested in hearing your views.

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