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PythonX® STRUCTURAL by Lincoln Electric® is the leading all-in-one robotic plasma system in the world trusted by more end-users with over 380+ systems installed worldwide. The system takes in your drawing files and automatically processes beams, channels, angles, square and rectangular tubes, as well as plate, all on one machine. In addition, the machine produces bolt holes that are AISC and EN1090 compliant. Additional cutting capabilities include copes, slots, cutouts, cut to length, miter cuts, weld preps, and scribe part/layout marks, all done in one place, eliminating countless hours of material handling in between operations. Because everything is done on one machine, saving you valuable shop space, you'll be able to streamline your operations. PythonX STRUCTURAL allows you to automate structural steel fabrication operations in your plant, saving you time and money.

Burlington Automation
63 Innovation Drive
Hamilton, Ontario
Canada L9H 7L8

Phone: +1 905 689-7771
Fax: +1 905 689-7773

Email: info@pythonx.com

UK Contact : Chris Desmond
Mobile: +44 7802 419165


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