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We are Burlington Automation, A Lincoln Electric Company

We are completely focused on applying LEAN Manufacturing and 
Automation Principles to structural steel industries through 
the implementation of the PythonX Structural Fabrication System.
The drive to improve the capabilities of our clients, to ensure they 
are better than their competitors, is a passion our employees embrace every day.

We are dedicated to making our clients as good as they can be,
better tomorrow than today, by committing to continued Research and
Development, providing value added industry leading Upgrades as
well as Real-Time and Interactive Remote Support on the PythonX system.

We operate a complete demonstration center at our design and manufacturing facility, 
and encourage prospective customers to visit and see PythonX in operation
and inspect fabricated parts.

Burlington Automation
63 Innovation Drive
Hamilton, Ontario
Canada L9H 7L8

North America Toll Free: 1 833-PYTHONX
Phone: +1 905 689-7771
Fax: +1 905 689-7773


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