When considering if a product requires compliance to EN1090 regarding the Construction Products Regulation (EU)305/2011, the designer must consider the following:

1.   Is the product a Construction Product as defined in the Construction Products Regulation?

Construction Product– CPR Article 2 : Section 1

‘Construction Product’ means any product or kit placed on the market for incorporation in a permanent manner in construction works or part thereof and the performance of which has an effect on the performance of the construction works with respect to the basic requirements for construction works.

 2.   Does the product meet the Basic Requirements?

Basic Requirements – CPR Article 3 : Section 1

The basic requirements for construction works set out in Annex 1 shall constitute the basis for the preparation of standardisation mandates and harmonised technical specifications.

Annex 1 – Basic Requirements for Construction Works

Construction works as a whole and in their separate parts must be fit for their intended use, taking into account in particular the health and safety of persons involved throughout the life cycle of the works. Subject to normal maintenance, construction works must satisfy these basic requirements for construction works for an economically reasonable working life.

1.Mechanical resistance and stability

The construction works must be designed and built in such a way that the loadings that are liable to act on them during their constructions and use will not lead to any of the following:

(a) collapse of the whole or part of the work;
(b) major deformations to an inadmissible degree;
(c) damage to other parts of the construction works or to fittings or installed equipment as a result of major deformation of the load-bearing construction;
(d) damage by an event to an extent disproportionate to the original cause.

3.   Are design calculations required?

EN1090-1 – Section 3

Structural calculations to meet the relevant Eurocodes have been carried out to prove the structural integrity of the product as per the requirements of EN1090.

4.   Does the manufacture of the product fall within the scope of EN1090-2/EN1090-3?

EN1090-2 – 3.1 Construction Works

Everything that is constructed or results from construction operations. This term covers both building and civil engineering works. It refers to the complete construction comprising both structural and non-structural components

EN1090-2 – 3.6 manufacturing

All activities required to produce and deliver a component. As relevant, this comprises e.g. procurement, preparation and assembly, welding, mechanical fastening, transportation, surface treatment and the inspection and documentation thereof

5.   Does the product fall within the scope of EN1090?

Guidance Document CEN-TR17052 (January 2017) 

Annex A: Products covered by EN1090-1

Item A.40 –    Pipeline Supporting Structures and Pipe Supporting Structures

Failure to comply places both Manufacturer and Purchaser at risk of contractual penalties and prosecution.

Do pipe support systems and structures require compliance to CPR & EN1090?

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